Setting Up An IMVU Online Login Account

Founded in 2004, IMVU, Inc. is a website and metaverse wherein members utilize 3D avatars in order to chat, meet people, produce, and even play games. It has more than 3 million users, which are active and at present has the biggest goods catalog (at least virtually) of greater than items of 6 million. The company can be found in California, with 120 employees, which are full-time. Moreover, it is popular as a forefront practitioner of the approach of lean startups.

Interestingly enough, the IMVU company name is neither initialism nor an acronym. Eric Ries, IMVU cofounder, described the process as accidental, wherein the company got its name with no meaning and said, “It’s not an acronym; it doesn’t stand for anything.”

Described below are the instructions and screenshots in a step by step manner, to help you in getting your very own IMVU login.

• Open a web browser program and go to the IMVU home page at You have several options for an IMVU sign up. You can sign up using any of these social networking accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Orkut, Microsoft, and Linkedin. Click on the option most applicable for you.

imvu login

• It may occur that you might find someone else’s login IMVU and not the sign in page. If this occurs, first sign out and then reload the website. If you still cannot see the sign in page, worse comes to worst, delete the cookies, cache, and/or passwords of your web browser program or try opening the page on another web browser program.

• Note that if you decide to get a my IMVU account through your social networking accounts, you would have to authorize IMVU first.

imvu download

• If you sign up using your Facebook account, input the Email or Phone and Password you use for Facebook and click on the Log In button.

imvu sign up

• If you decide to sign up using your Twitter account, plug in your Username or email and Password you utilize for Twitter and click on the Sign In button.

• If you would like to sign up with your Google or Orkut account, put in your Google Email and Password and click on the Sign In button to continue.

download imvu

• If you are going to sign up using your Yahoo account, put in your Yahoo username and Password and click on Sign In.

login imvu

• If you will sign up with your Microsoft account, input your Microsoft account email, as well as your Password and click on the Sign In button.

my imvu

• Lastly, if you decide to log in using your Linkedin account, enter your Email and Password for Linkedin and click the Allow Access button.


• After these login options, you can now do an IMVU download wherein you can access it anytime from your desktop or even download IMVU from your mobile device.

Interestingly enough, IMVU has their own economy, including a system of currency according to IMVU promotional credits and credits. Another type of currency is also there for creators, called developer tokens wherein they are earned whenever a user buys an item using promo credits. Credits may be bought online utilizing real currency from resellers that are a third party or directly from IMVU. Credits can also be bought using gift cards from IMVU, accessible in retail outlets. Credits cannot be transferred again to IMVU to real currency but may be put up for sale to resellers who are registered who may buy them for actual world currency. Then, credits are utilized by members in order to buy virtual items such as fashion pieces like clothes, hair, skins, and accessories; pets; and scenes in 3D like clubs, open landscapes, and homes. Furniture may also be bought in the same manner and put into rooms that are unlocked, however, there are rooms as well that have a couple of furniture in them and locked rooms, which have furniture that must not be taken out.

Promotional credits, shortened into promo-credits or even predits are another type of currency given to IMVU members and may be acquired by taking part in many partner promotions and a couple of IMVU activities. In connection with a standard full or free member, standard credits are the same as promo-credits. Set credit number equates, promo-credits must not be utilized to buy stuff as gifts to other members and cannot be traded again to reseller in IMVU to get real currency. Moreover, promo-credits utilized to buy a virtual product are given in return for developer tokens, called dev tokens. The purchase changes the promo-credits to developer tokens, however creates a sole developer token for everything bought when promo-credits are utilized not taking into consideration, the bought product’s price.

Notably, a lot of IMVU users are also content creators who create and sell products through the IMVU catalog. Users also put some time in making their individual homepages customized, putting up private and public rooms, making and participating in groups for users just like forums but customized because of the personal preferences of the owner, and take part in community forums. In addition, there are many user created third-party websites giving additional resources and forums for the IMVU community. Furthermore, IMVU users perform peer reviews on virtual products in line for submission to the IMVU catalog.

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